InnoFactory is the initiative of Innotech Europe B.V. that offers innovative, technical, start-ups a workplace to develop high-quality technical products or production techniques. InnoFactory is where like-minded people can complement each other and work together under one roof.

Innotech may even participate in these initiatives and possibly finance promising projects.



The heart of technology
InnoFactory is a well-equipped tool shop and representative office environment for start-ups among start-ups at a perfect geographical location right off the motorway at the heart of Europe’s high-tech region with every conceivable technology within 25 km. It is the ideal climate for the rapid and successful development of new products or techniques.

InnoFactory offers start-ups an array of facilities. They may use all the available equipment, and there are flexible workstations, an office restaurant and a representative conference room. Moreover, experienced business owner Peter Kuijpers is willing to coach them in realising their plans and products – if they wish. 

Below is a brief list of the available facilities and technologies

  • 3D CAD software
  • 3D printing
  • CNC milling 
  • Metalworking
  • Plastic machining
  • Electronics/controls
  • Office/restaurant/conference room
  • Business coach

InnoFactory offers a workplace that can be the ideal starting block for innovative new business owners working amidst other start-ups. Since they might occasionally want to call upon each other’s expertise and networks, a good match is paramount.

What does it cost? The costs differ, depending on the business and its plans.  It will definitely be much cheaper than investing in individual facilities.

Interested? Contact Peter Kuijpers at Innotech Europe B.V. by email or telephone.